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A short report from Janinka about her residence in Glasgow

I would like to share 8 pictures, from my exchange program from Academy into Glasgow School of Art, all taken in Scotland.
This experience gave me so much, it is not possible for me to describe it in a short text. When it comes to changing your surroundings, or meeting new people, learning new history, sharing your culture or getting to know different practises/traditions.
I recommend everyone to do so, if they are able to during their studies, or even outside of studies. And if anyone needs help with the bureaucracy of making this happen, they can contact me.

Love, Janinka <3

Mackintosh building that burned twice

All of my studio space

Creating work in my space

People I have met

Glasgow cemetery – best view over glasgow

Final exhibition with the studio

Final exhibition with the studio – part 2

Trips into the Highlands

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